For the so-called work 1099 there are employees 1099 plus mandatory conditions that you must know and comply with before hiring an employee of such type.

1099 Employee form is a regular form each employer has to provide to the self-employed person being hired for any kind of work. If work giver fails to direct complete copy of 1099 to IRS – the penalty is worth 100 hundred dollars for each case. Another drawback is that you have to be careful with classification of your worker.

Who is who

Regular workers send complete w2 and can surely count for help of their social security or medical care taxes, unlike self employed individuals. There are several types of employees of this 1099 type who carry out the following work:

  • for example people who provide services that you can also get in government or private institutions such as dentists or attorneys outputs
  • or workers who simply do freelancing from time to time and carry out such work as childcare, cleaning and so on.

Definition of 1099 employee

More often you can hear the term under which the designation is – as IRS says it’s a person who is fully accountable for the quality of his work, the employer does not have to control how the work is performed, the main purpose is to get needed result. Such type of relationship is used for beneficial purpose of work giver.