Let’s face it, when you receive an announcement 1099 from the IRS. A person who provides goods or services to a company is called an independent contractor.

The conditions under which he works are reflected in the contract. Independent contractors can be not only individuals, but also companies or corporations.

How do I get my 1099 form from employer

In this case, the contractor receives a reward for each project. Therefore, the employer does not control the payment of the necessary taxes. In this regard, for better control over the receipt of social charges, every year 1099 application for employment is issued for filling by the employee. It differs from the traditional W2 form, which is published for staff to complete.

When to fill out this form

Usually, the customer sends this form when the income amount of the reward paid to you exceeds $ 600 per year. If you are self-employed, you must indicate your income yourself, provided that it is more than $ 400 per year. These rules apply in all States, including the NYS, with some insignificant differences.

Now you know how to get the documents to file the 1099 tax form. This is not difficult and does not present any difficulties for anyone who wants to do it on their own, without the services of a professional accountant.