How to get a copy of 1099 g
These are documents that USA tax office sends to your mailbox at the end of January or the beginning of February of each tax year, making it easier for you to start working on a tax return.

Who fills it out

If you run a business that freelancers use, you will know too quickly what the employer’s responsibility is for these forms, since it is in your interest to send them to each recipient who earned more than $ 600 working for you in a given year.

Various forms 1099 to fill out

When preparing and completing 1099 misc form, make sure that all necessary documents are included. What do we have here? This is 1099 copy B, which is intended to be stored by the recipient in the file preparers often pull out this part and set it aside by focusing on copies intended for the IRS.

Who gets what samples

1099 misc form copy A is for the IRS and must be filed with the other payer documents:

  • sample 1 is for state administration,
  • sample 2 is for presentation with recipient government income taxes, if applicable. On the other hand, copy C is the employer’s file.
  • be absolutely sure that you keep a sample of every 1099 file you have each year in case you have to report to the US department.

As you can see, filling out 1099 is quite simple. Following the above instructions, you will never get into a difficult situation with the filling of documents.