All residents of America who work not for hire, but must independently report annually on their income and pay taxes, according to federal laws.

To indicate benefits from social security, there is a special paper. Download the current IRS 1099, fill it in and send it back. Deadline for submission is January 31.

Who needs and who are independent contractors?

Unlike self-employed workers who constantly work for a company, independent contractors are employee who are temporarily hired. They may not work on schedule. For example, freelancers, lawyers, designers, translators. People do not have managers, so you need to independently monitor and comply with the payment of taxes. Therefore, you need a copy of form SSA 1099 2020 year, non-residents must fill out 1042. You can download and print the file. For the convenience of sending, there are 2 ways – mailing or electronic filing. In the latter case, you can request a copy if necessary. Here is always up to date information on the forms and their filling.

What form needs to be filled out for 1099

In total in America there are about 20 types of forms 1099, some of them:

  • 1099-MISC which has already been mentioned – standard form for the remaining income of independent contractors
  • 1099-G – displays the tax and interest on loans paid in excess of the norm
  • 1099-R – passive income of pension and social benefits (benefits)
  • 1099-K – entrepreneurs who provide to pay for goods through the terminals with credit cards

Each of them you can print at a convenient time, fill out and send to the IRS.

If the documents are lost

In case you need a copy or you have lost a report, you can simply restore it to SSA,  by logging into your personal account. The request is free. It is impossible to correct the data on the website. To do this, you need to re-download the document and specify the payment.