From time to time, being more specifically – each year till the end of January all employers have to provide 1099 for all people who they employed. If hired individuals were working as part-time freelancers and received no less than $600 per year – it means that MISC blank should be on its way after you have W-9 ready.

Digital era – get your blank online

Nowadays we can use tax software such as TurboTax and Jackson Hewitt. You can either use a direct way to send fill out form from software when it’s done or save it and send via email. There’s an important rule when it comes to digital mail – make sure the recipient got the form. 1099 form download will surely be no trouble for recipient. Ask for a confirmation email when you send it – there should be no rush and no pauses when it comes to transfer of paper on such tight lines.


There are several ways to get the document in the original paper form. You might be surprised, but local supply stores sell it alongside with some other blanks. To make sure you have correct and up to date version – download your docs directly from IRS website or order their print equivalents from special page.